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The issue of global climate change looms large as ever and the foodservice industry has never been more aware of the part it can play in reducing negative impact on the environment. Change needs to happen from the ground up, from food production and supply processes to energy conscious manufacturing, supported by the efforts of operators and consumers.

Verified by its strong presence on the Energy Technology List (ETL), Gram is the UK’s leading supplier of environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment and takes its commitment to the environment very seriously.

As further testament to this endeavour Gram is delighted to present the 2010 Green Paper, revealing which channels are the greenest, who has made the biggest improvements and how innovative the industry has become in saving energy, reducing waste and cutting costs.

In addition we would love to hear of any feedback once you have had the time to look through the paper, please do click here to send us an email with your impressions, reactions, thoughts and observations.



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Chill Smart

Leaving a chill door open will cost you at least £2 an hour and leaving a deep-freeze door open will cost £6 an hour.

Source: Carbon Trust 2008.